Panno Bella Fiber Arts
"where fabric and imagination become art"
You will currently find our work
at these fine locations :

     The Morning Glory Gallery
     Marcus Center for the Performing Arts
      929 N. Water St. Downtown Milwaukee, WI
             414 - 765 - 7227
                Hours : Thursday, Friday & Saturday  12 - 6pm
                             and Open during ALL performances in Uihlein Hall


         Moondeer & Friends Gallery
             10354 Main Street
           Boulder Junction, WI 54512
                715 - 385 - 2082
               Summer Hours : (Memorial Day thru Mid - October)
                                             Mon - Thur  10am - 5pm
                                             Fri & Sat  10am - 6pm
                                             Sun  11am-3pm

  UnCommon Goods
        120 Silver Street
            Hurley, WI 54534
              906 - 364 - 0430
                Hours : M - F  11am - 4pm
                               Saturday  10am - 4:30pm

5219N  US Hwy. 51
(cross streets: between Lakeview Ave.
and N. Vaughn St.)
Mercer, WI  54547
715 - 476 - 0073
Hours : Please call Whimsies
for open hours

                                                             Naturally Yours
                                    A warm and caring place that caters to the unique needs of
                                         women undergoing cancer treatment.
                                            7219 Kingery Highway (Hwy. 83)
                                                   Willowbrook, IL 60527
                                                          630 - 570 - 5004
                                                  Open M - F  8am - 8pm
                                                     and by appointment      

Panno Bella Fiber Arts


Everything we create is a hand-made piece of wearable art. No two pieces are ever the same!

We'll let you know when we'll be at any upcoming art shows and we hope you'll be able to stop by, and we also encourage you to visit the specialty boutiques where you'll find our unusual, sure to be noticed, pieces of art.

Here are some EXAMPLES of our original, one-of-a-kind, fiber art pins :

Panno Bella means " beautiful cloth " in Italian. With that as a starting point, Panno Bella Fiber Arts  began....

Darlene Habanek and Susan Reading have been friends for over 30 years. Darlene had always been a traditional quilter, while Susan liked to work with many different art mediums. When they decided to collaborate,  Panno Bella Fiber Arts came to be.

Darlene taught Susan that you can paint with needle and thread, and Susan taught Darlene that coloring outside the lines isn't necessarily a bad thing.  They both share a fascination with fabric :  colors, textures and patterns fuel each of their imaginations, not to mention their always expanding fabric and fiber collections.

All these interests have led to the creation of original pieces of wearable art. Every pin, pendant, purse, jacket and postcard they make is unique in design - truly one-of-a-kind.  And with that as their main tenet, they continue to create fiber art that pleases the eye and sparks the imagination.
Our story :
Spring Waits Beneath : What might be growing right beneath our feet? Hand-painted cotton fabric; metallic seed beads; forest metallic 26g wire; 1/2" long leopard jasper oval in moss and coral; pale green 1.5" solid glass circle; round, green metal frame has a 2" circumference.                
Tangled Maze : Hand-painted cotton in bittersweet, apricot and gold; glass and metallic seed and bugle beads; 6mm chalcedony saucer beads; coppery metal frame. Measures 2"X2".                                     
When Stars Collide : Hand-painted deep blue and periwinkle cotton; 26g indigo metallic wire; glass seed beads;two 1/2" white frosted solid glass circles; one 1/2"X1" white frosted solid glass rectangle. Measures 1.5" at widest point.
Thank you for visiting Panno Bella Fiber Arts !
Tiger's Lily Garden : This pin nearly comes to life as you look at it! Made with multi-colored, floral pattern cotton; glass  and metallic seed and bugle beads; 6mm red glass beads; 4mm opal and frosted red and gold glass beads; 10mm length jade green glass oval bead; square, convex glass tiger striped cabochon. Pewter color metal frame. Measures 2"X2".